I just wanted to feedback that all the Managers have commented on the improvements in the independent visits since 'Graham's' have taken over.

They feel there is a more balanced approach to the visits and the reporting and that it is a supportive process and not punitive as previously experienced!

Managers Mentoring Programme Feedback

Which areas of the programme did you find most useful and why?

This is an invaluable service and I learned so much from, it would be impossible to highlight one area. The sessions were set around me and what I needed to learn. I would recommend to all mangers – old and new.

How will you use the skills and knowledge you have learned back in the working environment?

I use the skills I learnt during these sessions every day, through my practise and paperwork, I was also able to cascade to my team.

Do you have any further suggestions or comments on this programme?

This course is individualised to own personal needs. The mentors are fantastic, and highly skilled and genuinely want to get you the best you can be. The support and aftercare are second to none.

What other programmes/workshops would you like to take part in?

I would like to take part in more mentoring in 6months/year time frame to review any changes, new ideas etc so I can continue to grow as a manager.

We have just had Ofsted out and just missed out on outstanding ! our inspector did add that the QA may overturn the good to outstanding but it was great to hear we are in a really good position, and I feel that is because of the help I received from you all; so thank you.

A really positive report, I like the way these reports are written all three we have received seemed to have listened to the “differences “ between XXXX and other providers and taken an interest in finding out more about us as an “inter-grated” unique service

I share these comments: A much more productive visiting

Many thanks for this. Really informative.

Can I please personally Thank you for your support whilst I settled into this role and for taking on the December visits at short notice again due to some operational issues and challenges that we still face

I am very mindful of the hard work and dedication you provided to xxxxxxx and as a company are incredibly grateful for all you and your team have done for us.

Managers Feedback on regulation 44 visit:-

Just wanted to pass on how please we were with a very thorough Reg 44 inspection for October 2021 with valuable feedback and practice reflection from the visitor.

Just to update you we received Outstanding in all areas, with no recommendations or requirements. I would like to thank you for your support and guidance since January, this has surly helped with the homes development.

It was a pleasure to meet our new reg 44 visitor from Grahams for the first time in September. She has obviously taken the time to gather lots of evidence to form what I feel is an accurate reflection of our home within this report.

I would like to give you feedback on our Reg 44 visitor, we have found them to be incredibly Knowledgeable in their role as a independent visitor to our home, I have found that I can not express in words how much I have enjoyed working with them and they are a real credit to your organisation as they have personally helped myself and the home to raise our standards to new heights and I am looking forward to our continued working relationship.

Can I just say yourselves and Regulation 44 Visitors have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I really appreciate your ongoing support.

Responsible Individual


Your support of everyone in children’s services is really fantastic and has been noticed.

I think you and your company do such a lot to raise standards and share best practice across many companies. Please keep it up.

See you virtually next week, and in person hopefully soon.

We have just had our Ofsted Assurance visit and would like to say thanks Jacqui and thank you to Graham’s consultants for their professional input as our regs 44 provider.

Dear Jacqui & David,

Just to say from both of us, it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. It’s so good to see people passionate and knowledgeable about what they do, and in such an important sector. Thank you for taking the time to educate us, and we will be taking it all on board.

We have been really impressed how Graham's Consultants have adapted to virtual visits to continue to support us during COVID-19 with a multiple forms of communication. to capture the Young Peoples views and checking they are ok.








I just wanted to let you know that I am moving on in my role as XXXX and let you know I have really enjoyed working with you. You are great with the kids with MFC & the Advocacy session and it’s been much appreciated.

A huge thank you to Graham’s Consultants for supporting with your advocate service to the young people at Wings Notts. The advocate you provided has built up a positive relationship with our young people and we have been able to continue your service through video conference to give the young people an independent person to discuss this difficult time with. We are continuing to see many positives from this situation and truly believe we will pull huge positives from what is an extremely difficult situation.

It is great how much information Karen was able to get under the circumstances (Covid-19) and using media. Karan was able to speak to the young people and get a feel of how they are managing at this present time.

It's credit to the commitment from Advocate's that the 1-2-1 & the drop in sessions are continuing and going well during COVID19.

Missing from care: I was just finishing up with Kacey and I always thank them for speaking to me, I always tell them I appreciate it.

She said 'I'm quite happy to talk to you, I have had hundreds of the interviews and they ask me shit questions from a list... I say yeah, no, yeah but you talk to us"

Thank you for all your help with our Compliance notice, we look forward to reading the report and a continued working relationship with yourselves.

Can I thank Sarah again for these detailed reports. They are a pleasure to read and it is very positive to see the young people engaging with her, The Advocacy drop in sessions have made a positive addition to the support we offer

You Guys are just Fantastic ! Thank you so much for all your advice.

What a breath of fresh air our new Regulation 44 visitor was, really knowledgable and upbeat. The Young people think he’s Fab.

Really appreciate the speedy response to setting up a Health check visit and getting us through the Compliance's we had on us. Don't know what we would would of done with all your positive reassurance. Thank you.

"Every inspector has spoken about the improvement in the format and how impressed they were that we now do visits at weekends and evenings and the quality of the content has also been mentioned.

I think it’s always nice to share positive feedback, so just wanted to share this with you."

It seems there was a lot of excitement around your Advocacy visit today which is encouraging. I look forward to receiving the reports and speaking with you next time.

We can’t Thank you enough for all the help & support you have given us while setting up our Children’s Home and getting through our OFSTED Registration so smoothly.

"Just wanted to feedback from the Home that the New Regulation 44 visitor, was very warmly welcomed and made the Team & acting Manager feel empowered and lifted their spirts that they were doing a good job with the Young People."

"Just a quick email to tell you we were rated good with some outstanding features at our Ofsted inspection last week. I believe the result is in part to the excellent support and guidance that Grahams Consultants has been providing us.

All together this is a team result for us all and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Grahams Consultants Reg 44 Visitors also."

"I am in agreement with the report that has been completed. All details are accurate. We are pleased that you have managed to see a progression and improvement in the home since your first visit."

"We would like to welcome the new visiting officer and thank her for the supportive manner with which she conducted her visit, she was very knowledgeable and experienced and sensitive to the fact that the young people and staff can struggle with new faces especially if they feel they are being judged. As discussed with the visiting officer, the management at the school are always looking to improve the services further and how we evidence the positive work carried out and progress made by young people whilst we provide a nurturing environment and have the young people opened up to new experiences so they can achieve their full potential. We see that Reg 33 visits play an important role in this and ensuring the young people are receiving the best care and look forward to working with the visiting officer over the coming months."

"It was nice to see a number of the young people engaging with the visiting officer, the young people and staff feel comfortable in her presence due to how open and friendly she is on visits, which will only support her position in helping us to improve and develop the service as well as allowing the visiting officer to gain further understanding and insight to the progress of the young people and the quality care that they received."

"I found Jacqui extremely supportive and knowledgeable during the Reg 44, Jacqui maintained an appropriate time for completing the Reg and also confirmed what she would be checking and monitoring next month.

Jacqui asked if I could update staff and young people to prepare for next months visit, this will be discussed in the staff meeting and evidenced with young people in young persons meetings."

"Jacqui was clear and specific what she required during this visit and also used a range of questions during each section whilst completing the reg.

I found this to be a positive monitoring visit and look forward to working with Jacqui."

"I just wanted to make you aware that 3 of our homes have all been inspected over the last 2 weeks and have all been graded as Outstanding Homes. During the feedback at each inspection I have asked for feedback regarding the new format and the quality of the Reg 44’s.

Every inspector has spoken about the improvement in the format and how impressed they were that we now do visits at weekends and evenings and the quality of the content has also been mentioned.

I think it’s always nice to share positive feedback, so just wanted to share this with you."

"The Mini Audit that Grahams Consultants completed for our Children's home, was a credit to their knowledge & I'm sure set us in a good position for our recent Inspection with Ofsted."

"During Reg 44 visits, Jacqui has offered sound advice, ideas & guidance,

that has helped to improve what & how we evidence good practice."

"I felt the Regulation 44 visit was beneficial to the staff on duty, giving them the opportunity to experience or highlight what can be expected by ofsted, it gave the staff opportunity to reflect on their knowledge and made them aware of important policies they should read up on to improve practices."