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For total confidence in providing effective support to build outstanding outcomes for Children and Young People

Grahams Consultants

Child Social Care Experts of the Year 2019 - UK

Child Social Care Experts of the Year 2018 - UK

Grahams Consultants

 Social Care Consultants of the Year 2024 - UK

Grahams Consultants

We provide a comprehensive monthly Independent Reg 44 Inspection Service to Children’s Residential Homes.

We will provide totally impartial and independent inspectors from a range of social care backgrounds we will provide your inspection and additional support for your provision. We are not there to criticise or pick fault, we are there to support you and your team. We offer advice and awareness. Most of all we ensure the best care for all our Looked After Children .

We provide an independent visitor's service.

We  provide a 'Young Persons Advocacy Service'.

We can  provide professional Supervision sessions for your staff team & managers on a regular basis.

We can provide personal development plans for you, your staff team & managers based on both you & your teams needs.

Children's Home Responsible Individuals Virtual Training Workshop 

12th June 2024 £80.00 

Children's Home Reflective Supervision Virtual Training Workshop 

12th July 2024 £80.00 

Children's Home Responsible IndividualsVirtual Training Workshop 

9th September 2024 £80.00