I just wanted to feedback that all the Managers have commented on the improvements in the independent visits since 'Graham's' have taken over.

They feel there is a more balanced approach to the visits and the reporting and that it is a supportive process and not punitive as previously experienced!

We believe children need to be in an environment that respects their individuality and diversity, offers them positive life experiences and enables them to develop positive relationships with adults and peers.

Established 2013 and based in Heysham, Lancashire we cover all areas across the North of England, including, but not limited to Lancashire, Cumbria, Scotland,Yorkshire, Salford, Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Manchester, Stockport, Southport, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, Stafford, Wales, St Helens, Warrington, Sheffield, Leeds, North East.

Our core belief is that in order for the young people we care for to achieve their full potential, they must live in an environment that respects their individuality & diversity, offers them positive life experiences and enables them to develop positive relationships with adults. We strongly believe that a home should be child-centred in its approach to the way they work, and that for young people to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually they need to have positive role models who are able to protect them, guide them and plan for their futures.

Jacqui Graham.

Operations Director Lead Children's Social Care consultant.

My name is Jacqui Graham & I am lucky enough to have been a part of many Young Peoples lives, having worked in residential childcare for over 30 years both in children's homes and ESBD schools & been a Registered Manager from 2002 until 2013.

I have worked for Cumbria County Council, Lancashire County Council and independent providers within the North West during that time. Jacqui has undertaken Regulation 33 and Regulation 44 visits since 2013 and has extensive knowledge of the children’s residential services sector.

My core belief is that in order for the young people we care for to achieve their full potential, they must live in an environment that respects their individuality and diversity, offers them positive life experiences and enables them to develop positive relationships with adults. I have strong beliefs that a home should be child-centered in its approach to the way they work, and that for young people to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually they need to have positive role models, who are able to protect them, guide them and plan for their futures.

I believe children need to be in an environment that respects their individuality and diversity, offers them positive life experiences and enables them to develop positive relationships with adults and peers.

David Graham.

Operations Director, SEND, Lead Education Consultant, Inclusion, Trainer Children's Social Care.

My name is David Graham and I have joined Grahams Consultants having recently been Head of the Special Needs and Disability (SEND) Service for Lancashire County Council where I worked for twenty years within a 300 + multi-agency team of CWD Social Workers, Educational Psychologists, Specialist Teachers, SEND Assessment Officers and Business Support. Prior to that I worked in day and residential specialist and mainstream schools for primary and secondary aged pupils for Independent Providers and Leeds and Surrey local authorities and also as part of a multi-discipline outreach team.

I have experience of managing service delivery and continuous improvement set against regulatory inspection frameworks and key performance indicators.

I am an experienced children's services and education manager working at a senior level and managing the procurement and delivery of multi-million pound projects and services.

That said I am always child and young person focused and my work within the public sector and private providers has always been lead by improving the outcomes for children and young people. I have had the privilege of working with inspirational parents, children and young people and professionals across health, children's social care, educational psychology and education for over forty years and my determination to see young people achieve their full potential and lead happy and resilient lives continues to be a key driving force in the work that I do.

Operations Manager , Senior Children's Social Care consultant and Regulation 44 visitor

My name is Tracy Brookes and I live in Kendal, Cumbria. I have a young family and dog and we enjoy getting out in the Lakes whenever we can. My background is in residential child care and I have significant experience working in private settings supporting young people with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. Most recently I have led and managed a specialist residential education provision for young people with a diagnosis of ASD and associated complex needs including Mental Health. I am an experienced Registered Manager with a proven track record of achieving 'outstanding' outcomes. I am passionate about raising standards of care and outcomes for young people and am a staunch advocate for residential support staff who can have such a profound impact on the lives of young people.

Graham SteeleEducation Consultant.

Experienced secondary headteacher across a wide range, type and size of schools within the maintained and independent sectors; including large mainstream secondary schools and residential special schools.

Specialising in school improvement, leading schools out of Ofsted categories and recovering schools facing challenging circumstances.

I have successfully led two mainstream secondary schools out of Ofsted categories; led the recovery of an underachieving 11-18 science college and two other 11-18 academies from serious risk of being placed in an Ofsted category; and I have led the recovery of three independent residential special schools at risk of slipping to inadequate or being placed in an Ofsted category – securing a ‘good overall’ Ofsted inspection judgement and improving safeguarding from inadequate to good, as consultant headteacher, in conjunction with the newly appointed head of school, I a secured a 'good' Ofsted Inspection judgement across all measures at a residential special school.

I have project managed, raised £250K+ and launched, on time and within budget, the UK’s second only ‘out of school’ learning centre on behalf of the local authority, business leaders and colleague head teachers. This was a forerunner to national 14-19 reforms.

In an interim strategic 14-19 Adviser role, I provided support and challenge to three ‘travel to learn’ in the implementation of government 14-19 reforms and wrote a Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework for collaborative provision.

I have also project managed the launch of a separate new residential special academy.

As a Consultant Headteacher, I have supported new headteachers at a residential special schools.

Andrew Sofield.

Regulation 44 visitor, Advocate, and Children's Social Care consultant.

My Name is Andrew Sofield I have 23 years management experience within Lancashire County Council which includes 12 years at a senior level as an Area Manager, Head of Fieldwork, Head of Children's Integrated Services for Lancaster, Fylde and Wyre with Assistant Director responsibilities, Senior Manager for Central Lancashire for Children's Social Care and as Senior Manager for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities for South Lancashire. Whilst roles and responsibilities have changed in each of these posts, they have all afforded opportunities to work strategically and operationally within an ever changing structural and professional environment.

I have been responsible for commissioning and directly providing services including all care services via fostering, adoption and residential care as well as youth offending services. I have been able to rely on my core training as a social worker, experience of working with children looked after within residential and foster placements and management skills to ensure the best possible outcomes for children. I am specifically experienced and knowledgeable in respect of commissioned and directly provided services to children in need, children looked after, child protection services and social care assessment.

I make sure that I am reliable and sensitive to the issues before I respond in order to ensure that the information is relevant and appropriate. I approach external partnership in the same way and as a result have led on many multi-agency groups including the Children and Young Peoples Trust in North Lancashire and the Local Safeguarding Group in Central Lancashire.

I am now looking forward to develop the services I offer in respect of Regulation 44 visits, children’s services consultancy and support for disciplinary investigations and safeguarding review.

Bridging the GAP (Grahams Advocate Project) Missing from Home Co-ordinator and Young persons advocate.

My name is Sarah Roskell and I enjoy my role working with Children & young people, as in my time spent with Young people as an advocate & MFC Interviewer. I feel I have made a difference for some of the Young people through believing in them and encouraging them to go above and beyond their ability to achieve. I help them to be heard and have a voice; we also have the opportunity to explore other options to running away.

I started working with Children & Young people as I felt I could make a difference in young people’s lives by supporting them to achieve and enable them to have a better outcome in life and succeed in adulthood.

I believe that every child has a right be heard, to feel safe and secure and live in an environment where they can reach their potential in every aspect of their life through positive life experiences, and provide activities to help them grow socially emotionally and physically.

Sue Harrington.

Senior Children's Social Care consultant, Regulation 44 visitor and Quality assurance administrator.

Hi, my name is Sue Harrington, I am originally from Morecambe, although now live in Heysham, I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, keeping fit, regularly attend the gym, yoga and walking our 2 dogs.

I have worked in children’s residential social care since 2013 having worked as the Care worker, Deputy Manager and Registered Manager I have managed large bedded and a solo occupancy homes.

During this time I have also dual registered to manage more than one home within the company. I have supported staff and management to meet the needs of the Ofsted action plans.

I have worked with challenging and vulnerable young people since 2001, having worked on various government funded contracts during my employment with the Connexions Service, I have a genuine passion and commitment to support young people through transition, barriers and help them develop skills to gain resilience and coping strategies.

I have experience and knowledge of supporting staff to develop and have a proactive approach in my work, very much working together to achieve the best outcomes and focusing on solutions to meet the needs of the young people.

Regulation 44 visitor, Trainer and Children's Social Care consultant.

Hi, I'm Dave Higgins and having retired from 22 years service in the Royal Air Force as a physical training instructor/ outdoor activity instructor, I began my second career working within the care industry some 17 years ago.

Working my up from support worker to senior support worker positions, and eventually Deputy and Registered Manager positions within a variety of care settings.

Working within EDB residential homes and schools / Children’s special needs and complex care settings /Adult Special needs Services & elderly care.

Having a passion for providing the best care and outcomes for all, and treating every individual with respect and humility, whilst remaining focused on individual needs.

I have a passion for most sports, and now unable to play rugby any longer; I am happy standing on touch lines through sun and rain. A happily married man with 6 children including identical quadruplet daughters, I also enjoy the quiet times for quiet reflection.

Melanie Gardner – Regulation 44 Visitor and Children’s Social Care Consultant -Social Worker

My name is Melanie Gardner, my working career has mostly involved developing core skills and gaining experience working with children and families. Families from a range of backgrounds with a variety of needs, working with children from birth up until their 18th birthday.

My roles have included, work within voluntary organisations, nursery settings, school’s pastoral support teams, family support work and social work, while being a mother myself. I have been given the opportunity to see society from many varying viewpoints, allowing me to develop my skills as a practitioner from a place of empathy and of learned experience, as well as through academic study.

Each of these opportunities has provided me with a new perspective, allowing me to be more holistic in my practice, caring in my nature, informed in my decision making and motivated in my intention of seeing each and every child and young person reach their full potential.

My career with children and young people began in a local Children’s Centre, the main objective of which was to provide services and support through a range of provisions including, baby clinics, play groups, and family support, (by means of child and family assessments followed by team around the child plans), all with the intention of supporting each child to achieve each of the five outcomes highlighted in the green paper “Every Child Matters”.

My path then led me to work for Lancashire county council as a social worker, while in this position I was able to experience working within both the child protection and child looked after teams, both of which required keen assessment, analysis and observation skills.

Working with children, young people and their families has been, and continues to be a humbling and incredibly rewarding experience.

When at the age of 19 I first decided that I wanted to help people, and chose my career path it was with a strong belief that each and every child has the right to go to sleep every night and wake each morning knowing they are safe, they are loved, and all of their needs are met. A desire to see this happen is what motivates me to continue working with children and young people.

Kelly HarrisSafeguarding Lead Trainer and Children’s Social Care Consultant

Hi my name is Kelly, I am a safeguarding Trainer/Practitioner specialised in delivering one to one and group interventions, supporting vulnerable children, and victims and survivors of abuse. I am multi skilled in several areas such as Missing from Care/Home, Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Criminal Exploitation, County Lines and Domestic Abuse. My skills in safeguarding have been embedded from over 10- years’ experience in working directly with high risk vulnerable young people and families, as well as being responsible for managing large teams of highly skilled professionals and training partnership agencies such as Social Workers, Residential Care Providers, Police and Health Practitioners. My work varies from direct support with young people such as return interview, wellbeing support, CSE/CE Awareness; to bespoke mentoring/ training/ workshops for professionals.

I have significant Senior Leadership experience and have been instrumental in overseeing and quality assuring Safeguarding practices and standards. I am a strong ambassador for the advocacy of young people to ensure that their voices are heard, and their needs met

Kelly Watson –Children’s Social Care Consultant , Responsible Individual and Regulation 44 visitor.

My name is Kelly Watson and have worked with child and young people since 2006. During this time I have been employed within children’s homes, children’s home with specialist school and the charity sector. When starting in 2006 in a children’s home I began as an admin assistant and quickly realised this was a setting I would love to work in. Over time working shifts and learning all roles I progressed to become a registered manager in 2012. I have worked in various areas of the east midlands in both small and large settings.

I have supported a lot of children over the years who have gone on to do amazing things. Some of the behaviours have been emotional and behavioural difficulties, mental health, austim, learning disabilty and challenging behaviour. As a manager I always wanted my staff team to have the same high expectations and aspirations for the children we cared for. I always wanted my children to be happy, safe and nurtured surrounded by adults who had their best interests at heart.

In my own time I enjoy being active, taking long walks with my dog, travel and having time at home.

Natalie Amber Raw– Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor.

My name is Natalie and I began working within the looked after system shortly after completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology. I have worked with LAC since 2014, my first role being within a therapeutic residential children's home. I worked my way upto senior therapeutic parent in the home before moving onto a different provision in my local area. I worked as a deputy manager for a year before being promoted to acting manager of the home. I have a level 3 qualification in children and young people's workforce, and a level 5 qualification in leadership and management of residential childcare. I also have an education and training qualification which allows for me to provide training to people aged 16 and above.

I moved out of residential child care to complete a Masters in psychology, during this time I began working at Aspire as an assistant psychologist, where I remain to date on a part-time basis. I also worked within a local authority providing direct work to children and families during court proceedings. I currently work as a regulation 44 visitor for NYAS and cover a range of private and local authority homes. I also provide consultancy work to residential children's homes alongside this. I am also an independent panel member for a local fostering agency.

Julie Burnett– Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor

My name is Julie Burnett and I have worked within adult and children’s social care for over 11 years. Starting my career in care as a support worker, to my most recent position within a charity as an Assistant Director for children’s and adults care services. My specialism is working with young people with Autism and learning difficulties.

I have a strong ethos of leading from the front by providing inspirational role modelling for both staff and young people. I believe in a ‘can do approach’ and have spent many years supporting services to understand and embed positive risk taking and person-centred care into their practice.

From a personal perspective, I am a strong advocate of holistic alternate therapies for mental wellness and I spend my spare time supporting others with yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices.

Michael ShepherdBridging the GAP (Grahams Advocate Project) Missing from Home and Young persons advocate.

I am Michael Shepherd and have been involved in the care industry for 20 years, working as a care worker, a senior in a home for young adults with ASD, in a supported living setting. I am currently working in an SEN school near Preston and have all set to study to become a teacher for learners with additional needs and I am excited for my newest role as an advocate for young people.

I love to spend time with my daughter and my partner and I play in 2 bands in my local town of Morecambe, one as a drummer and one as a guitarist/singer.


Tracey Dowen– Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor

Hi my name is Tracey Dowen and I am from Derbyshire. I have 2 grown up sons and 2 grandchildren (and a cat!) and enjoy spending time with them when I am not working. I also enjoy going to the gym, reading and yoga.

I have worked in both childrens and adult residential care for the last 22 years. I began work in a 20 bed secure children's home, working with challenging and vulnerable young people. During my time there I worked my way up from a receptionist to a manager supporting staff and managers through Ofsted and Local Authority Inspections as well as Inspections by the Youth Justice Board. I also worked in a residential EBD children's home in Enfield where I was Registered Manager.

For the last 2 years I have worked as a CQC Registered Manager for a 17 bed residential home for adults with mental health illness. This was a very different field for me, but one I have enjoyed.

I believe that young people in a care environment deserve the same opportunities and support as our own childrens. My experience and knowledge lies in supporting staff to enable them to achieve positive outcomes for young people within residential services.

Joanne Booth– Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor

Hi my name is Joanne and I live in Cheshire with my family. I have worked with Children and Young people for ten years. Initially I worked in residential care and then I moved onto working within a Local Authority as a social worker within a Children in Care team for the last seven years. I am passionate about working with children and young people and my work is always child focused and led by the child to improve outcomes for children.

I am currently working within a Fostering Team supporting children and young people to remain within their extended family. The wishes and feelings of the children and young people are paramount and I am working with families to ensure the children are being provided with the level of care that promotes their well being within a safe and secure home environment.

I am looking forward to working within residential care again and promoting the well being of children within this setting. I am committed to supporting children to reach their full potential and supporting residential care and providers to achieve positive outcomes.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family going camping, going out for family days out and going out for walks.

Hannah Cheriton – Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor.

Hello, my name is Hannah Cheriton. I have been working with children and young people for over six years across residential childcare settings. Throughout this time I have been particularly focused on improving outcomes for young people and as a result I have worked closely with quality assurance teams to ensure high quality care within services. Part of my role within residential homes has been acting as a peripatetic crisis manager, attending homes with inadequate or requires improvement Ofsted ratings and supporting these provisions to lift compliance notices and achieve higher gradings. I have good understanding and knowledge of relevant legislation, regulation and guidance and this has underpinned all of my roles. I have worked as a registered manager of a large service during which time I led a team of staff to promote and protect the welfare of the children living there.

Nina Ballard: Regulation 44 visitor and Children's Social Care consultant.

My name is Nina Ballard and I have worked in the private Healthcare sector for 17 years with 15 years being focused solely in specialist Children’s therapeutic residential services.

In that time, I have had the privilege to work with amazing children and young people and to be part of teams that are committed to bring positive change to children’s lives. I have learnt a lot from the children who are the best teachers and from my colleagues who’s far reaching additional skill sets never ceased to amaze me.

My career started as a residential care worker, and I was able to move successfully through each role to become a Registered manager of outstanding children’s homes before moving into Regional Operations manager roles and holding Responsible individual and Designated Safeguarding Officer inclusively.

Through these roles I have gained extensive experience in identifying child centred approaches to working therapeutically with children and established firm legislative knowledge to balance and maintain, High nurture, high Structure environments for the benefits of children and young people and the teams that work with them.

I have many years’ experience at auditing children’s services, completing investigations and carrying out regulatory visits. Supporting good outcomes and risk management to safeguard children and young people.

In my own time I have a strong interest in health and wellbeing and like to spend time making and eating good food and being outdoors, hiking or running.

Sanita Marshalleck– Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor.

Hi my name is Sanita I have worked in children's secure training centres and residential care homes for over 10 years. Within these years I have worked as a support worker and I have had continued my development up to a Regional Operations Manager. The last 10 years have been amazing and my passion to continue working with children to make a change is what makes me want to share my knowledge and expertise that has been gained. Along my journey I have gained great qualifications such as Level 3 in Children and Young People, Level 5 in Leadership and Management, Safeguarding and CSE Trainer, QCF level 3 Assessor and many more. I pride myself in having high standards of care for children that we look after together helping and supporting them to identify their strengths and talents. When I am not working, I spend my time with my 7-year-old daughter who keeps me very busy by always voicing her feelings and wishes which makes everyday fun.

Vinzenz Dohle– Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor.

Hi there,

My name is Vinzenz Mcdonald-Dohle, and I am originally from Germany. I have lived in England permanently since 2001, having worked for 2 Local Authorities. I am living in North Essex with my family (2 children, aged 10 & 12), who are keeping me busy.

I have now been working for Essex Local Authority for over 15 years. In my current role as Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) I am chairing meetings for looked after children & young people and as such oversee children/ young people’s care arrangements (i.e. family time, education, health, etc.) and subsequently have a sound foundational knowledge of all the relevant legislation centred around looked after children. As part of my role, I also undertake regular Quality Assurance audits.

I have also previously managed Children Homes, and as such have a good working understanding of the various aspects of running a home. I have also chaired Child Protection conferences in Essex for several years and as such have a good understanding of the various aspects around this area of work. Two of my key interests are post-18 arrangements for young people (transition planning) and children’s / young people’s education / training.

In January 2020 I successfully completed the NAAS assessment (covering the 10 domains of the KSS’s, set out by the Government) and as such demonstrated a sound knowledge and skill set in working as a child and family practitioner.

Over the years I have provided other professionals with critical / constructive feedback, but on the other side have also highlighted excellent practice, which I think is of equal importance – as such trying to inspire people to continue to do a great job.

I am always trying to employ an authentic / pragmatic / non-judgemental work approach, which in my view brings out the best in people and as such helps to achieve best outcomes for all concerned – specifically for the children and young people and their families that I am working with.

I very much enjoy keeping fit (going frequently to the gym, playing tennis, country walks, etc.) and try to live a healthy lifestyle. I am also very much interested in current affairs and environmental issues. I also love sun-bathing and long lie-ins (when possible) and reading the papers on the weekend. Some of my favourite foods are pasta and pizza, followed by a slice of cheesecake and a hot cappuccino!

Karen Emery – Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor.

Hi, my name is Karen. I have over 20 years experience working with children and young people, and for the last 7 years have been completing independent Regulation 44 visits across the UK.

I have worked in various residential children's homes and school settings, both private and Local Authority owned, and worked from a support worker through to being part of the management team.

Part of my role has been to ensure all daily, weekly & monthly checks are completed ensuring requirements for Ofsted were met, including my own regulation 34 (Now 45) & Regulation 33 (now 44) for other members of the management team.

I have been responsible for staff supervision, care planning, report writing, behaviour management and putting together programmes to support individuals behaviour modification in order to live a socially acceptable life.

I am also a qualified drug and alcohol worker and spent 8 years setting up community projects and working as a 1-1 counsellor.

William Kidd – Children’s Social Care Consultant and Regulation 44 visitor.

My name is William, I trained in Glasgow with a good practice focused CQSW in 1984. I have spent the last 15 years in operational and QA management roles within the local Authority Children's services

(Essex, Northampton, Sandwell, Wolverhampton etc.)

I have been providing interim managers, training and consultancy to public, private and voluntary organisations. The focus has been ensuring advances in staff practise, Ofsted readiness and improvements whilst ensuring good outcomes for children and young people.

Some of these roles have included, managing specialist projects offering independent visitor’s schemes for young people in foster and residential care across the UK. Managing family centres, Advocacy and Independent visitor’s services, and residential services for looked after young people for local authorities. Managing and developed CIN teams, Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH), Joint Child Protection team, Initial Referral service and Out of Hours teams. Managing and developing the provision for looked after children, leaving care, performance improvement and corporate parenting across a Local authority.

Prior to that it was at ChildLine North West and Northern Ireland and before, 10 years in front line social work jobs in Aylesbury, Leeds and Guernsey

Andrew Brierley – Regulation 44 visitor.

My name is Andy I have worked in children's residential care homes for over five years. I have worked as a support worker and continued to progress to more senior roles, to being a registered homes manager.

I have a sound understanding and good knowledge around the criteria required to ensure statutory and regulatory requirements are met by children’s residential settings.

I have extensive experience working with Reg 44 inspectors from a home’s managers perspective, which has granted me the knowledge and experience to enable me to perform any duties within my inspector role, in a manner which is conducive to ensuring the children and the home are supported to achieve the best possible outcomes. I am able to analyse and interpret the complex quantitative and qualitative information, produced through reporting and recording within a residential children’s setting,

I feel having begun my career in care, as a care practitioner, within children’s settings that support young people, I have the experience and skillset necessary, in tandem with a child centred approach, to support children and the professionals working directly with them.

I am driven by the determination to elevate the standard of care living, and ensuring there is ample opportunity for young people to reach their potential.

I have a variety of hobbies and interests when I'm not working such as; rock climbing, writing, boxing, kayaking, but mostly love to spend time with my two year old daughter and my fiancé.

John WarringtonCounsellor - Trauma informed Therapist .

My name’s John Warrington and I’m a Counsellor.

I relocated to the beautiful Morecambe Bay area 6 years ago in order to work as a specialised therapist within Children’s Residential Care Homes.

Previously to re-training as a therapist, I served in the Royal Navy and then worked in very high-pressured business environments before becoming a Person-Centred counsellor.

As a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy, my passion is to improve people’s mental well-being.

Having a trauma-informed therapeutic approach is key to understanding the effects of the neglect and abuse endured by the children & teenagers in our care.

Developing strategies that are tailor made to help them regulate their emotions better is vital.

As well as counselling I can provide training with staff on topics such as Empathy, PTSD, PACE, ACEs, Autism & Attachment.

My approach is to de-mystify counselling and break down any stigmas that still exist around mental health.

With a down to earth approach that puts people at ease, I can help your young people and staff teams understand themselves better and their reactions to situations.

I have been an integral part of the teams in homes tasked with supporting Children and I have an appreciation of the pressures, challenges, practicalities and stresses involved.

I look forward to working with and supporting, the Children, Young People and Staff in your settings too.

Thanks for reading.


Laura Brown Quality Assurance Office Manager

Hello, I'm Laura and I joined Grahams Consultants in late 2021 as Office Manager and to provide support to the Regulation 44 Quality Assurance Team.

I have spent the majority of my career working within Human Resources and Performance Improvement. Most recently my roles have focused on identifying improvement opportunities, simplifying processes and providing support on a varied and wide range of business activities.

Outside of work, I have a young daughter who keeps me extremely busy. In my spare time I enjoy baking and going on family days out.

Clare Scroggy - Quality Assurance administrator

Hi I’m Clare

I'm a Mum of 2 daughters aged 20 and 11

My youngest has Cri du Chat syndrome and has lots of additional needs and I am her main carer.

I’ve worked in offices and administration since being 17 years old and as a team manager for the last 18 years.

I am now working in Graham’s consultants in the office at Morecambe as a Quality assurance administrator where my main role is to quality assure and forward completed Regulation 44 reports by the consultants to Ofsted.

In my spare time I love to go outdoors with my fiancé on the paddle boards and canoe and we often go away in our camper van for little trips away.

We also love a good festival and have been to many over the years.