"I feel that this was a positive visit and

recommendations that were made were realistic and relevant."

Supervisions are a must for everyone working with children looked after and are a standard you are inspected in my OFSTED.

We can offer to complete professional supervision for you and your staff team, from Responsible Individuals, managers, residential care worker, domiciliary & volunteers.

Good practice would be to have a 2 hour supervision with each member of your staff team once a month. As a minimum, supervision should be a 1 to 1.5 hour session with each member of staff every 6 weeks. These would need to be more frequent if you staff are new & still in the probationary period.

Our visit for supervision would consist of 1/2 an hour discussion with the line manager & their agenda to be addressed, and one hour with the supervisee including completing a supervision agreement making this 1.5 hours in total, a concise written report of the supervision & telephone feedback with the line manager if required.

Costs for professional supervision are on the fees page.

All our consultants have enhanced DBS & we have a robust recruitment and selection process with full written & verbal checks completed.