"I would just like to thank Grahams for the Independent Investigation that you completed, it was conducted with understanding and compassion however extremely professionally."

Grahams Consultants offer Investigations, Disciplinary, mediation, & independent complaint investigations


Is the allegation or complaint justified? Has any rule been broken?

If relevant, was the employee at work at the time the incident occurred?

Is it a child protection or vulnerable adults issue?

Independent Complaint Investigations

The Regulations and Government guidance describes the statutory procedure for a person who is likely to want to make representations, including complaints, about the actions, decisions or apparent failings of a local authority’s social services provision; and to allow any other appropriate person to act on behalf of this person or child/young person.


Under the new Special Educational Needs and Disability Act Code of Practice 0-25 years, local authorities have to make SEN mediation and disagreement resolution services available to parents and young people

Our Consultants

Our consultants have experience as Local Authority Designated Complaints Officers. They have conducted disciplinary investigations, given evidence in Industrial Tribunals and chaired Disciplinary Panels.